The NBA – In Memoriam

America has split itself down the middle, and I see one camp of GS super/semi/bandwagon fans who loved watching them uh, defecate all over the entire NBA this year and speedwalk to a 16-1 record in the playoffs. The other camp despises Durant/GS and thinks this is bad for the NBA. The myth is still being propagated that nobody wants to watch a dynasty demolish the rest of the league, but the ratings are as good as ever and the NBA is thriving. However, as a humongous big fan and former player of the sport, it sucks shit to watch this GS team. Let’s talk about the state of the association.



Cam Newton is a THUG

I am a proud white male, and I think – nay – I know that Cam Newton is a bad person. He parades around in his big football pads that cover his large, rippling shoulders like he owns the game. I am pro-life but don’t you dare think I am pro-showboating. Cam is an egotistical thug who thinks he can do whatever he wants! It needs to end. Now. Just kidding. (more…)