The NBA – In Memoriam

America has split itself down the middle, and I see one camp of GS super/semi/bandwagon fans who loved watching them uh, defecate all over the entire NBA this year and speedwalk to a 16-1 record in the playoffs. The other camp despises Durant/GS and thinks this is bad for the NBA. The myth is still being propagated that nobody wants to watch a dynasty demolish the rest of the league, but the ratings are as good as ever and the NBA is thriving. However, as a humongous big fan and former player of the sport, it sucks shit to watch this GS team. Let’s talk about the state of the association.



How Did the Cavs Beat the Warriors?

I am still in shock that the Cavaliers won the NBA Finals Sunday night and I am so glad the Warriors are at home, crying in their beer, like they deserve. It was a truly historic comeback because no team had ever come back from a 3-1 deficit, and the Cavs broke that ugly streak. It’s hard to say how exactly the greatest regular season team of all time managed to lose in the Finals, but here’s my important opinion on five deciding factors. (more…)