Does Stability Training Work?

TRX, Bosu and yoga balls, resistance bands, the list goes on. These are all tools used within the broad scope of what we call “fitness,” and they’re predicated on one concept: stability. Or, rather, the lack of stability the user is afforded while using the product. After generating millions and millions of dollars while becoming a staple in the contemporary gym, we have to ask, do they work? Let’s discuss. (more…)


How to Squat Like You Mean It

This post exists solely to teach you squat basics. I will write a Why manual another time, but what the good people need is a quick, practical guide for the How and Now. The now needs to be addressed. I am the Eckhart Tolle of movement. This manual is for you, me, and your grandmother. The squat is a fascinating movement, and you should actualize its beauty every day of your life. This guide can help a novice tackle a basic squat while aiding a seasoned athlete in honing their skills. In this writing you will find many ideas that are eminently transferable to sport, other exercise, and, wait for it… the Real World: a place where people like to think about movement. The Matrix of which we are living in is not a simulated reality, although, that is possible too. It’s a hellscape where people don’t think about the optimal way to walk up stairs or lift a basket of laundry.  (more…)

How to Not Walk Like a Duck

Ducks are cool looking and I respect the colors of the typical mallards I see here in Minnesota. However, they are terrible at walking. They move like complete imbeciles. Their most graceful movement on foot is about as elegant as the first steps of a baby human. You might be thinking, “well, yeah, they have wings and walking is their second or even third form of movement if you count swimming.” I might make a rebuttal like “shut the hell up, that’s very much beside the point of this post.” (more…)