The NBA – In Memoriam

America has split itself down the middle, and I see one camp of GS super/semi/bandwagon fans who loved watching them uh, defecate all over the entire NBA this year and speedwalk to a 16-1 record in the playoffs. The other camp despises Durant/GS and thinks this is bad for the NBA. The myth is still being propagated that nobody wants to watch a dynasty demolish the rest of the league, but the ratings are as good as ever and the NBA is thriving. However, as a humongous big fan and former player of the sport, it sucks shit to watch this GS team. Let’s talk about the state of the association.



Dawn of a New Age

Folks, this is Max here, typing live, in the middle of a renaissance. As the title suggests, we’re experiencing the Dawn of a New Age. That Age, ladies and germs, is the Age of the Cooler-Than-All-Hell Black Spokesman. Let’s dive in. (more…)

Society Funtions More Efficiently When the Guillotine is Used 

Here’s a supremely ignorant thought that I will defend until I’m blue in the face. Civilization functioned more efficiently and communities were closer when the threat of you being promptly killed for wrongdoing was constantly looming overhead.You can see just how barbaric things really were back then if you look at the gif I’ve attached that was filmed in the middle ages.