ISIS – Interminable State of Increasing Strength

How to Squat Like You Mean It

This post exists solely to teach you squat basics. I will write a Why manual another time, but what the good people need is a quick, practical guide for the How and Now. The now needs to be addressed. I am the Eckhart Tolle of movement. This manual is for you, me, and your grandmother. The squat is a fascinating movement, and you should actualize its beauty every day of your life. This guide can help a novice tackle a basic squat while aiding a seasoned athlete in honing their skills. In this writing you will find many ideas that are eminently transferable to sport, other exercise, and, wait for it… the Real World: a place where people like to think about movement. The Matrix of which we are living in is not a simulated reality, although, that is possible too. It’s a hellscape where people don’t think about the optimal way to walk up stairs or lift a basket of laundry.  (more…)